NCS Vehicle Donations Responsive Wordpress Site


NCS Vehicle Donations is a non-profit that serves other non-profits, by providing a turn-key vehicle donations process. Their goal is to make vehicle donation programs accessible to any and all nonprofit organizations that wish to have them, while providing excellent service to the client's donors.


NCS Vehicle Donations needed a primary online presence that provided current and prospective clients information about the services that NCS provides, as well as providing a gateway to sign up and get started accepting car donations. This project was also a starting point for creating updated branding for NCS based on their new logo.


I interviewed the stakeholders and wrote the creative brief. I created style tiles, wireframes and design comps. I also selected the base Wordpress theme and plugins, and did 80% of the site building and front end development involving CSS and HTML. I also closely collaborated with a backend developer who handled PHP and javascript for this project.

I live and work in the
Washington, DC Metro Area!